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An Update? Yes, Please!

Wow, has it really been that long since we’ve updated? I guess it has; so, it is beyond time for an update. CosmicSpores is not done, and it is still in the works; our Lead Developer has been on hiatus and has just returned to working on putting things together. We are hoping to announce the opening of the first chapter soon to get this idea moving in the right direction; don’t give up on us yet! Thank you for joining CosmicSpores.  

Wow! Really?

So; after all of the Ning fallout, and the refuge at Spruz; we find ourselves without a home again, just because Spruz decided to delete our networks due to inactivity. It seems that after regulating any real value out of their free service in order to drive people into a paid format; a move of panic when they lost their adsense account, they have also deleted our accounts and forced us into looking for another home to settle. Yet another setback in the development of Cosmic Spores; but one that is welcomed as Spruz was not quite the format that it promoted itself to be, and we have learned a valuable lesson. Please be patient with us as we seek to provide a secure home for our mission. Thank you. ~greyeyesgabriel

CosmicSpores Interactive

Interactive is the theme for CosmicSpores in 2010, and tumblr is going to be a BIG part of the equation. We plan to make it even easier to submit and communicate with the Doctors of CosmicSpores by allowing you to submit to their tumblr accounts. We are still in early development but this should be the syndicated icing on the cake that allows better interactivity. We will be announcing more later but we just thought there should be something posted here when you show up, so we are letting you in on the early integration. Thanks from your friends here @CosmicSpores.

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